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Realtime IMF and Solar Wind Data by ACE (IPS)

Solar Wind Data (CELIAS/MTOF)

NOAA SWPC, Solar X-ray & proton Flux, Geomagn. act.

Proton and X-ray Flux Alerts (SWPC & IPS)

Kyoto Dst (WDC)

Equatorial Realtime Dst Values

Geomagnetic Activity, K planetary (NOAA) and K local for Longyearbyen and Tromssa (TGO)

Geomagnetic Activity, Canadian Regions (NRC)

Northern Auroral Activity (NOAA)

Geomagnetic Disturbance around Finland (FMI)

Threshold for a potential aurora coverage is 0.3 nT/s (dot indicator turns red)

Ionograms for local reference, Tromssa (Norway,TGO) and Sodankylä (Finland, SGO)

Forecast of Geomagnetic Activity, North America (NRCan & CSA)


Sun Now! (SDO & Soho)

Soho Lasco C3 Latest

18 Sep 2017

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